The web testing tool

About WebAccept

WebAccept is an easy to use web testing utility. Tests are written in XML format and support GET and POST methods plus multiple assertion conditions.


To use WebAccept you need...

How it works

Tests are defined in a XML file structured like this:

<testfixture name="Some tests" host="http://www.mysite.com"> <test name="Some test description"> <get url="dir/page.aspx" /> The page to download from the web server, can be .asp, .htm, .php <assert hastext="WebAccept" /> What should be checked in the page to make sur it works ? </test> </testfixture>

Then we run the tests with the command line:

c:\>webaccept -f:mytest.xml

Running suite
  Running fixture Some tests
    Running test Some test description... Success!
  1 tests succeded, 0 tests failed in 0,078125 secondes
1 tests succeded, 0 tests failed in 0,078125 secondes

It's that simple!

Other links

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